About Us

"Dr. Dave" is indeed a doctor. . . He earned his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from The Ohio State University.  He lives  and works in rural north central Ohio with his wonderful wife, Shawnette.  They live with their family of many species; Binx, Bianca, and Stu (two spoiled Yorkshire Terriers and a Corgi Mix) lead the pack.


The John Deere name is a registered trademark and is not used in any way to advertise or promote this site.  It is used in naming/labeling the tractors that have been restored. 

Period Correct Tractor Matched Implements are another interest.  I always try to match a restored implement up with a tractor to better tell the story of the tractor's purpose.  I am always looking for Period (late 50's - 60's) Correct Implements to restore including disk plows (#473 Two Way Disk Plow Pictured above), corn shellers, hammermills, two way plows, disk tillers, etc.
John Deere P-75A Disk Tiller
John Deere #43 Corn Sheller
John Deere #422 Two Way Plow
John Deere KBY Disk Harrow
John Deere #475 Disc Plow
Restored #43 Corn Sheller behind the 430 Utility.

Dr. Dave's Tractor Restoration and Parts

Welcome to Dr. Dave's Restoration Page. Over the years I have collected and restored several John Deere 40, 420, and 430 Series Tractors. It can take a year (taking advantage of time outside normal working hours) to disassemble, repair/rebuild, and paint a tractor to my satisfaction. The following are before/after pictures of several restorations.

John Deere 430 S Standard

John Deere 430 Standard Tractor; as found in Mebane, North Carolina.

John Deere 430 Standard Tractor after complete tear down and restoration.  It is setup with factory 4110 cultivator rigs and a 41A fertilizer side dresser.

John Deere 430 W Row Crop Utility

John Deere 430W painted Industrial Yellow from the factory.   Found in North Carolina. 

Restored John Deere 430W with the addtion of a swept back front axle, power steering, remote hydraulics, float ride seat, heavy duty fenders, and weights.

John Deere 430 U Utility

John Deere 430 Utility with Disk Type Rear Wheels found in Tennessee.
Restored John Deere 430 Utility with Power Steering, Remote Hydraulics, Disk Type Rear Wheels, and Weights.

John Deere 435 Diesel

John Deere 435 Diesel with Power Steering, Float Ride Seat, and Remote Hydraulics.


Restored John Deere 435 with Power Steering, Float Ride Seat, Remote Hydraulics, HD Fenders, and Weights.

1955 John Deere 40V / Special

1955 John Deere 40V with 4550 cultivator found in Elmer, New Jersey.
Restored John Deere 40V.  Equipped with 4550 Series Cultivator and #43 Side Dresser.

Not John Deere, but 2016-2017's project was tractor like. . . a 1970s Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser.  Do not let the picture fool you. . . everything was removed to a bare frame and rebuilt.

Went with the open top;  work on the hard top will continue in 2018.