Parts for Sale

John Deere 430 Engine
Deere #10 Hammer Mill (Disassembled!)
Parts stored away on the shelf.
Parts stored out in the yard.
John Deere #18 One Row Corn Picker -- Pull Behind PTO Driven.  Found a new home in 2015.

Tractors for Sale

Every restoration brings a need for parts as well as a surplus of extra parts.  Sometimes it takes two (or more) tractors to restore one correctly.  I stash many of these parts for future projects but will occasionally offer some for sale for another restoration. 

John Deere 430 Row Crop Utility.  Nice original tractor with new rear tires, spinout rear rims, unbroken front axle, and live pto.  An overall good tractor that I have been using to pull the fire wood wagon in the winter.   Found a new home in 2016.
John Deere 420 Crawler.  Has Gearmatic 8A Winch and Nice #62 Blade.  Needs New Tracks.  Found a new home in 2016
John Deere 430 Tricycle.  A tractor with great options/potential.  Has factory power steering, wide front end, live pto, good sheetmetal (not pictured of course), and even rear hydraulic remotes.  Drove it into the barn a number of years ago as a tractor I might restore someday.   Found a new home in 2017.
John Deere 420 Standard.  This little tractor has been a workhorse on our property for the last decade or so.  It is the 1958 Slant Steer model with dual touch o matic and live pto.  I have used this tractor for raking hay, cultivating, planting, and much more. 
John Deere 420V.  This will be one of the tractors next in line for restoration.  This is a rare/sought after tractor with a production number of only 31 in 1958.
John Deere #43 Corn Shellers.  I have one sheller that is still together and several more that I have taken apart.  I would consider them more of a parts lot. These are a seldom seen implement to pair up with a 40, 320, 420, 330, or 430 Tractor.
Most useable parts have been sold.